Welcome to a web-curation of race-related issues plaguing the United States. The curation was completed on a weekly basis for 3 months.

The concept of American race relations goes far beyond just the divide between black and white. Through current events and the rise of new movements for equality and justice, it’s clear the relevance of how this country deals with people of different background is ongoing.

The New York Times: The New York Times covers issues of race from a variety of different perspectives. If there is a current event or more hard-news story involving something related to the racial tension, it is put in the News section. However, it also covers these issues from the Culture section perspective if it has something to do more with pop culture or representation. They also make interesting multimedia compilations on the topic.

National Urban League Newsroom: This is an organization that seeks to promote the well being and empowerment of urban communities and their civil rights. They post articles and blog posts that take a proactive stance on ending injustices and keep up with minority culture.

Mashable: A news source that often does interesting profiles in the entertainment section regarding issues of race in the entertainment industry, as well as covering these relationships with some of their multimedia content, like videos and social media. Its a diverse source in terms of content, and also had worldwide outlets, giving the a bigger perspective.

The Atlantic The Atlantic typically consists of longer form pieces that go more in depth and take a deeper approach to various topics. There are some pre existing pieces that take a more cultural/personal look at issues of race

Mother Jones Follows and covers a variety of race-related issues, does profiles, etc. It covers issues in a non-biased way, and it seems to be heavily following the black lives movement and its progress.

Black American Web African American perspective on news, travel, entertainment, business, technology, and sports.Also has blog section that commentates on those issues

ProPublica is constantly updating itself on the most recent topics, and covers events in an unbiased way.

The Huffington Post has a special section called Black Voices, that gives a daily African American perspective on topics currently in the news. This is an interesting way to compare the typical news media with another point of view and how it may be perceived differently by different racial groups.

The Culture Section of The Economist takes relevant new or pop culture issues and take an interesting and often reflective approach to them. A reputable source, it

NAACP Blog: The blog section of this NGO posts about topics that are relevant to the black community. The blogs are often written by members of the organization, so they have a clear perspective on current issues, while also bringing in other specifics to add to what the news may be saying.