As the “teach to the test” culture becomes more prevalent in education culture, many educators and parents have spoken out against the negative effects of standardized testing. One black leader disagrees, he says the tests create an important baseline across all communities, and can particularly help identify deficiencies in struggling urban schools.

In this article, published by activism magazine TakePart,  both sides to the standardized test argument are reviewed. Recently, some states have participated in an “opt-out” movement to protest the tests. The refusal stems from a belief that the tests stifle important opportunities for creative and critical thinking. But not all aspects of the exams are bad.

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Source: National Urban League

“If we don’t have testing, we don’t know where the achievement gap is. We’re flying blind,” Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, told TakePart.

While both sides of predominantly white and predominantly black communities can agree that over-testing is an issue for all, the article argues that a better common ground solutions be made to acknowledge different demographic communities.