“There are women who choose [to wear headscarves], there were also American negroes who were for slavery,” said by a French government minister on Wednesday. The controversial statement was reportedly made after Laurence Rossignol, the French minister of families, children and women’s rights, was bothered by a fashion website  announcing it would offer full-body “burqini” swimsuits in its online store.

This article, published by Anadolu Post, talks about the affects and implications of the statement in relation to French culture.

This also comes after several fashion bands have claimed to start making “Islamic modest wear” as part of their lines. Swedish fashion giant H&M recently used a model wearing a hijab in a prominent ad, facing further controversy.

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Source: H&M

Many people both in France and worldwide are criticizing the minister for focusing on something as trivial as fashion and projecting an overall racist sentiment toward Muslim women.