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Brooklyn District Attorney decided wednesday  that former New York Police Department officer Peter Liang would not face jail time, after he was convicted of killing an unarmed black male, Akai Gurley in February in a housing project.

This article, published by NBC, outlines the details of the recent decision. The case raised many questions of race, as the deceased was African-American, the officer was Chinese, the jury was racially mixed,and the public heavily weighed in on the case. Liang reportedly said the shot he fired at Gurley was a mistake.

The case represented similarities to the 2014 case of Eric Garner, another situation involving an unarmed black male and police officer.

The Asian community retaliated by saying that Liang’s potential 15 year prison sentence was using him as a scapegoat for past cases of racially charged police-civilian violence where the officer was not charged. However, this decision comes as a more lenient alternative.