After being forced to cancel a rally in Chicago this past week, the Trump campaign remains at the forefront of black conversation, being accused of inciting violence and perpetuating racist sentiments.

According to this article from Slate news organization, Trump’s attitude towards Americans of different racial backgrounds mirrors the rhetoric of Ronald Reagan’s infamous “Welfare Queen” and ultimately embodies the racist undertones of the conservative Republican party.

The article argues that some conservative voters chose to support Trump’s antics because of their dissatisfaction with having a black president in office. The stark difference between Obama and Trump is clear in many ways, but their differences in ideals are most prominently seen through their majority-minority contrast. The article argues that a huge factor of the Obama-eras lack of policy success had to do with his race.

“The election of the country’s first black president had the ironic upshot of opening the door for old-fashioned racism to influence partisan preferences after it was long thought to be a spent force in American politics,” wrote Brown University political scientist Michael Tesler in a 2013 paper titled “The Return of Old Fashioned Racism to White Americans’ Partisan Preferences in the Early Obama Era.”

Trump’s supporters have stemmed from a dislike of the current system.

Source: Erik Pendzich, Shutterstock