Elon, NC- People are often reluctant to talk about issues of race, especially in relation to children and their educational opportunities, yet statistics show that students of color are already at a disadvantage, perhaps even before they set foot in a classroom.

Randy Williams, dean of multicultural affairs at Elon University and a participant in a forum held Monday night to spark conversations about these issues, argued that race is the No.1 indication of determining the educational success of a child.

burlington stats
Source: City-Data.com

This article, from the Burlington-Times News, outlines the disparities in education based on ethnicity and location.

According to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights  , black children are almost twice as likely to be suspended compared to a white child.

The forum argued that society does not prepare children for the harsh reality of race relations and school systems should be uniform in their access to resources for all students.